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If you are on this page, then chances are that you’re looking for gutter cleaning and repair services in Kettering. Or maybe you just feel like the ones you have are in need of a change, so you need new gutters installed. Whatever the case may be, Top Northampton Roofers are here to help you with all you gutter needs! Get in touch today and let’s talk!

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Regularly cleaning your gutters helps keep your landscape clean and protects your house from damage. When damaged, you must have a professional team from Top Northampton Roofers who provide roofing services such as gutter cleaning and repair in Kettering.

Is it Necessary to Clean Gutters?
Gutters are an essential accessory for your home. If you fail to clean dirty gutters or repair broken ones, it may cause several severe issues in your home.

Some of these issues may be temporary, while others may be permanent and very costly. To avoid all these, protect your home by regularly cleaning your gutters and repairing or replacing the damaged ones.

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What Happens if You Don’t Clean or Repair Broken Gutters? Dirty and damaged gutters cause a lot of problems, and some can be very expensive to fix. Here is what you can expect from dirty and broken gutters:

  1. Cracks on Your Walls
    Broken and clogged gutters often cause leaking, and when the water overflows and accumulates around your house’s foundation, it may start to weaken it. A weak foundation, in turn, causes cracks to develop in your house walls.
  2. Rotting on Fascia Board If you fail to clean the gutters on your house regularly, dirt in the form of dust, water and dry leaves accumulate overtime. This will then lead to clogging, and the channels may fail to work efficiently. The fascia boards are the pieces of wood that support the gutters, and when water flows through them, they tend to rot and spoil. 
  3. Damage to the Garden
    When water from broken gutters overflows to your yard, it may end up flooding thereby destroying your plants, grass or flowers.

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Fully Qualified Roofers

In the building/service trade, unfortunately there are a lot of rouge/cowboy builders that give us all a bad name. With Top Northampton Roofers, you can be rest assured that we are 100% qualified and professional roofers!

Excellent Value For Money

While we are proper qualified roofers, we offer excellent pricing for all of our services. We are upfront and honest about all aspects of the work we execute, clearly detailing the cost of labour, materials and the other costs.

Available In Emergencies

We understanding that problems with ones roof can come out of nowhere. That’s why we try our best to be available 24/7, on top of our normal hours. This ensures that you have a reliable roofer in times of emergency!

How Can You Tell When You Need Gutter Services?

Signs That You Need Gutter Repairing Services
Here is how you can find out if you need to repair your gutters;
•    Old gutters.
Commonly, gutters should be replaced every 15 to 20 years, depending on quality.  If they haven’t been replaced within that period, you should get a professional to check their functioning.
•    Rust and cracks
Rusting and cracking on the gutters may lead to leaking and eventual damage. Once you notice cracks and rust on your gutters, you should consider hiring an expert for gutter cleaning and repair.
•    Sagging
Sagging gutters may not work efficiently, as they could be clogged and cause leaking. Sagging is a sign that your gutters need repairing. 
•    Hanging pieces 
Is a part of your gutter detached? This is a clear sign that your gutters are broken, and they need immediate repair or replacement. 
•    Water pools
If you notice bits of water or sometimes flooding around your home, you may need to inspect your gutters for leaks. If indeed your gutters are leaking, it may be time to get them repaired.

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Sometimes, your ceiling or roof may start leaking too.
•    Damage to the house
Leaking gutters may often lead to peeling of the paint around your house, rotting, chipping or even stains on the walls.


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Signs That Your Gutters Need Cleaning
The following conditions will indicate that you need to clean your gutters;
•    Clogs
Leaves and twigs and dirt could cause clogging on your gutters, and a sign that you need to clean them thoroughly. Clogs can also be identified by overflowing water from the gutters.
•    Pests and animals
Do you see bugs or critters around your gutters? If yes, you now need to consider getting gutter cleaning services.
•    Growing plants
Plants that grow on your gutters can indicate that they are dirty and clogged. You should immediately clean them to prevent them from breaking and eventual damage.
•    It has been long since you last cleaned them. 
Gutters should be regularly cleaned, and if you haven’t cleaned them in a long time, you should clean them as soon as possible to avoid damage.
If you notice any of the sign above, you should consider consulting roofing service providers for gutter cleaning and repair in Kettering from Top Northampton Roofers.

It is advisable to clean your gutters, at least monthly occasionally. 
The most important, however, is to get semi-annual cleaning from gutter cleaning experts as part of their maintenance. Hiring professionals assures you of not only excellent cleaning services, but also safety, especially when handling the roof and gutters. They are trained in careful but thorough cleaning without causing any damage. 

Frequently servicing your gutters not only aids in their maintenance but also for other systems connected to the gutters systems upon detection. 
It is also essential to consider some factors; for instance, if you grow pines in your home, you ought to clean your gutters every three months. This is because pine trees shed throughout the year. A regular inspection is paramount in such a case.

Just before winter, ensure that the gutters are thoroughly cleaned to prevent damage. Through autumn, leaves collect in various places including your gutters and hold a lot of water in place. If by winter the water build-up is still around, it will freeze along with the debris. This will add a significant weight on the gutters, and they may end up falling off or breaking.

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When it comes to commercial or residential gutter cleaning and repair in Kettering, Top Northampton Roofers offers the best services. Here is why you should give us a try:

•    Professionalism
 Our staff are trained to provide you with the best customer experience; they are timely and polite.

•    Experience
Top Northampton has been in existence for the last 20 years. We, therefore, have the necessary skills and equipment for all your roofing needs. 

•    Reputation.
 We are a reputable company that operates in the United Kingdom with excellent customer reviews. 

•    Specialisation
We only specialise in roofing matters. Therefore we will be there when you need us to be. We can also offer you professional advice on roofing solutions from experience.


Cleaning gutters is an essential step to their maintenance. Clogged, dirty and broken gutters may cause a lot of problems in your house and they ought to be taken seriously. You should acquire the services of a professional to do a thorough job in the cleaning and repairing of gutters.

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Only a good experienced and professional roofing company can help you out the right way. We are one of the best in Northamptonshire and are here to help. Get in touch with us today to discuss your project.

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